Classic Black BreatheEasierMask
Classic Black BreatheEasierMask Kit
Highly Breathable Mask for corporate executives
Highly Breathable Mask
Highly Breathable Maskwith 4 layers of protection
Classic BreatheEasierMask BreatheEasierMask  Homy Farmy

Classic Black BreatheEasierMask Kit

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Product Details
Product Details

Classic BreatheEasierMask Best Sellers BreatheEasierMask Homy Farmy


Having Skin Breakouts When Wearing A Mask?

Can’t Breathe Properly When Wearing A Mask For Long Periods?

Experiencing Dry, Chapped Lips Whenever You Mask Up?

Heat & Humidity Causing You Discomfort Whenever You Wear A Mask?

Having Anxiety Issues and Can’t Wear A Mask For Too Long?

Want To Look Good While Still Masking Up? 😎

Attending Formal Occasions  And Not Want To Look Like You Have Been To The Hospital? 😊

All Masks Are Not Created Equal

Our Highly Breathable Classic Black BreatheEasierMasks Are:

Fashionable and elegantly designed

Soft, bamboo inner layer ensures a smooth and cooling feel for your face

Equipped with an Adjustable strap allows for maximum comfort and snug fit

95% BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) which helps to protect against harmful bacteria or viruses

Ideal for anyone prone to skin irritations, breakouts, dermatitis, or eczema as it does not irritate the skin

Mask Up With BreatheEasierMask and Experience Long-Lasting Comfort


How Does It Protect?

ShieldMask+ Classic BreatheEasierMask Best Sellers BreatheEasierMask Homy Farmy


All our masks have 4 layers of protection and are Silvadur treated. SILVADURis an antimicrobial technology that releases silver ions in the presence of microbes on fabric surfaces.

These bio-responsive ions neutralize infectious bacteria that cause odor and material degradation, remain active even after 50 washes or in the presence of bleach, and will not degrade in high temperatures.

Untreated fabrics will allow biofilms like acne-causing bacteria and microbes to build up during use which cannot be removed by traditional laundering methods. SILVADUR™ has been tested to deliver significant bacterial and viral reductions.

Highly Breathable Mask Home ImproveHighly-Breathable-Mask-1-24t Kitchen Homy Farmy

What Are The Guidelines For Choosing A Mask?

According to the Health Authorities:

  1. Masks should at least have 3 layers – as a general guide, the fabric should not be a “see-through” when held against the light
  2. Layers should preferably be made with different fabrics including a water or moisture-repellent outer layer, a middle layer with the capability to remove particles (these could be the disposable filter inserts), an absorbent inner layer to absorb droplets from the wearer’s mouth
  3. Fabrics with better bacteria filtering efficiency are preferred
  4. Fabrics must have enough permeability to allow for easy breathing
  5. Appropriate fit around the face and chin with complete coverage of the nose and mouth area, to prevent any leakage of exhaled droplets

All our masks have all of the above qualities and more!


What Are The Designs And Sizes Available?

Available in standard adult sizes measuring: 16.5cm (6.5 inches) in length and 21.0cm (8.27 inches) width circumference

The designs available:

a) Classic Black with Inner Gray BreatheEasierMask (which also comes in extra Large and Kids Sizes),

b) Classic With Orchid Motifs BreatheEasierMask,

c) Collagen Infused BreatheEasierMask (available in black or white) and

d) Swarovski Crystal BreatheEasierMask (available in both black and white)



Are There Larger Sizes Than The Standard  Size and Kids’ Size?

Yes! we do have an enlarged adult mask size available (only in Classic black) measuring 18.5cm (7.28inch) length x 23.0cm (9.05inch) circumference

as well as kids size measuring 13.5cm length x 17.5cm circumference (suitable for kids 7 years old and below), available in black or white.

Highly Breathable Mask enlarged size



Highly Breathable Mask For Kids 4 Layer of Protection Shieldmask+

Protect Your Kids With Our 4Layer, Highly Breathable BreatheEasierMask


Did The Masks Go Through Stringent Tests Via International Standards?

Yes! We are anti-bacterial filter certified. Our fabrics are SILVADUR™ treated which removes 99.9% of bacterial growth over repeated washes. Untreated fabrics will allow biofilms like acne-causing bacteria and microbes to build up during use which cannot be removed by traditional laundering methods. SILVADUR™ has been tested to deliver significant bacterial and viral removal.

Our fabrics are also water repellent certified and double microfilament filter qualified

We are tested by Intertek, and SGS Lab, and achieved Oeko-Tex standard 100


How Does Our BreatheEasierMask (by ShieldMask+)™ Compared With Other Masks?

Highly Breathable Mask Best Sellers Decoration Homy Farmy


Where Are The Mask Fabrics From?

Our fabric is sourced from all over the world.

The first layer inner is made from anti-bacterial soft bamboo fabric sourced from Taiwan,

2nd & 3rd layer microfilament filters are flown from Germany

4th outer layer dry wicking polyester, moisture resistant is  from the USA

We used world-renowned fabric processing technology to develop these masks into highly breathable masks with skincare benefits!


Are All Your Masks Adjustable? 

Yes, our masks are standard adult sizes and all our masks come equipped with an adjustable strap which will provide a snug fit to most adult sizes. Can also suit children above the age of 7.

Highly Breathable Mask Best Sellers

Are Your Masks Suitable For Sports or Workouts? Who are these masks suitable for?

Our masks are designed for day-to-day usage for normal easy breathing. They are especially ideal when you are traveling, shopping, flying, or going anywhere on public transport.

They are especially great for anyone working in the hospitality industry, where you may need to wear the masks for long hours either in restaurants, cafes, front-line staff at hotels, flight attendants, airport staff, or any public sector places where wearing a mask is mandatory.


Will The Masks Fog Glasses?

Our masks are not designed as anti-fog masks. Depending on how to lose you wear them, you may experience some fogging – however our straps are adjustable and we suggest tightening the straps for a snug fit to cover your face. If foggy glasses still annoy you, we recommend getting one of these anti-fog glass wipes and using it whenever you mask up!


How Are The Masks Packed?

The masks are packed individually and sealed in a transparent bag.

ShieldMask+ New Zealand Australia USAClassic BreatheEasierMask Best Sellers BreatheEasierMask Homy Farmy

What Are The Wash & Care Instructions

All our masks are machine washable. Depending on usage, we recommend washing them at least once a week. To prolong usage, it is important to place them in a laundry wash bag first, cold wash with a gentle cycle, or for delicates with mild detergent and air dry

Hand washing is of course encouraged and recommended.


How Long Will The Delivery Be?

We ship to most countries including New Zealand and Australia. Free shipping will take 10-15 days depending on where you are, with 1 to 3 business days of processing time. Delivery can be longer due to covid delays. We do appreciate your patience and understanding if there is a delay.

If however, you would like to order in bulk  (>10 masks) for in-stock items and are happy to pay for expedited shipping (1 to 5 days), please email us at for a quote with your full address


Do You Accept Returns?

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns for the masks.

If in the unlikely event that the wrong item was delivered and the item was not yet opened, you may email us or use our contact form for assistance within 14 days of receiving the purchase.


Do All Your Masks Come With A Mask Holder and the Anti-fog Glasses/Sunglasses Wipe?

YES. Our mask lanyard acts as both a mask extension (or ear saver) as well a mask holder. The length is adjustable so kids can wear them too!

Any mask orders come with a  1) BreatheEasierMask Lanyard and 2) Anti-fog Glasses/Sunglasses Reusable Wipe (1 pcs)  worth $20, FREE -while stocks last.

BreatheEasierMask Kit



11 Reasons Why You Should Get Our Highly Breathable Mask!

Most breathable, with an inbuilt nose bridge to allow space to breathe

Hypoallergenic – Ideal for Sensitive Skin!

ThermoRegulating – Keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather

Reusable and washable (both by machine or by hand)

Eco-friendly fabric

Lightweight and soft

The anti-bacterial fabric prevents odors even after using it for long hours!

Adjustable straps: fits most adult sizes snugly

UV -Protection

Quick-dry and moisture repellent

Cost – Effective


Highly Breathable Mask Best Sellers Decoration Homy Farmy

Stop wasting money on disposable masks and keep our environment litter-free!

Get 2 or more for Free Shipping and SAVE an Extra 10% for 3 or more Masks! Ideal as Gifts – Get Yours TODAY!

P.s  For 2 or more purchases, please choose the “Free Shipping” option at checkout


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